Customer Relationship Management is a tool everyone in every company should use, and I mean everyone. If you are an Account Executive, VP of Sales, or a CMO, you need CRM to keep on track and organized. Below are the 3-C’s (reasons) CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce are being implemented in many organizations: Customization … Read more

In the year 2019, no one will feel the effects of financial transformation more than the Chief Financial Officer. Indeed, as new systems are implemented and available data increases, your whole Finance Department will move from the back office to front line, taking on a role that’s financial with significantly more strategy. Soon, you and … Read more

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a best-in-class software like Sage Intacct? Robust quarterly updates. This is a key advantage of best-in-class software, as developers can focus more on specific, user-focused improvements.   Our blog this week outlines the newest features and improvements done by Sage Intacct this quarter. Sage Intacct has built on … Read more

When you stream videos on Netflix, you’re using cloud computing. Do you check your bank balance on your phone? Yes, you’re using cloud computing again.     So, why wouldn’t you want your business, aka your baby, to be on the cloud? Why wouldn’t you want to get up-to-speed in the year 2019? So many … Read more

We have all heard these excuses from friends or loved ones that are Chief Financial Officers of a major organization:   “Sorry I can’t make it to dinner tonight, I am stuck at the office with a deadline!” “Hey, I am going to be about two hours late; stuck working on projections for next quarter.” … Read more

On April 18th, Jake Horn, a Partner at Altruas who spearheads the CRM Practice of the business, provided a detailed synopsis on why Customer Relationship Management software ischallenging for many business owners and users. CRM Implementations can be complex, and there are multiple examples of poor results; many reasons CRM is tough to master is … Read more