Our interview blog series discussing current trends and challenges in ERP and CRM. We’re interviewing Doug Roberts, one of the Partners with Altruas. Doug, would you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background? I would be happy to – my name is Doug Roberts. I’ve been in the ERP consulting world for … Read more

Despite its crucial importance, many companies struggle to get their sales and marketing teams to work efficiently and collaboratively together. The common narrative is that marketers work endlessly creating spreadsheets with hundreds of leads for the sales team, only to get frustrated that no one follows up with any of them. On the other hand, … Read more

Whether you are a developer who is new to SQL and wants to learn the basics or an experienced developer who wants to pick up some new ideas to help tune the performance of your queries, this article will lay out the foundation for the analysis of a query and how to get the most … Read more

As they start to grow, many organizations take a conservative approach to accounting software and simply add new instances of QuickBooks for each new entity or location. Unfortunately, that means the challenges and obstacles only grow exponentially. By contrast, Sage Intacct cloud financials is designed to support the needs of organizations that operate multiple entities, … Read more

My “lesson learned” as a former Controller and CFO who’s been on both sides of the table An ERP implementation has never been known to be an easy process. In fact, if you’ve worked through more than one, you’ve likely experienced the moment when the words “someone should have caught this before” run through your … Read more

We’ve all experienced it. After just finishing a financial report, the email notification pops up in the corner of your screen from your CFO. “Last minute change needed” it reads, however you are plainly aware that the last minute change will not take just one minute. What may seem to be a trivial change could … Read more

Our interview blog series discussing current trends and challenges in ERP and CRM.   In Part 1, we covered how Altruas’s recommended AI solutions help financial leaders, bank-level security and successes in the marketplace. Russ, tell us about the AI solutions Altruas offers for AP and Expense Reporting. Sure! The expense solutions we like are … Read more