The 3-C’s on CRM

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman

Customer Relationship Management is a tool everyone in every company should use, and I mean everyone. If you are an Account Executive, VP of Sales, or a CMO, you need CRM to keep on track and organized. Below are the 3-C’s (reasons) CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce are being implemented in many organizations:


Not only can you decide how you want your organization’s CRM to look and respond, each individual user can choose their own preferences. Some of the options won’t relate to everyone so they can “hide” that information. For example, I am in Business Development and Marketing; I can only see access to what pertains to my role while a manager has full access. I also like the look of charts and graphs for a big-picture view and want that to be the first thing I see when I log in. Not everyone feels that way, but that is the beauty of customization!

You can create and send emails from CRM or just file them from your regular email. Best invention ever, by the way! Need to know the information on an invoice sent to the customer? No need to ask the finance department; just look at the customer’s information in CRM. Everyone is busy and time is money. This is a great tool to save you and your co-workers time. Plus, it eliminates a ton of busy-work time because emails like Office 365 integrate perfectly with CRM!

Clean Automation

CRM allows for easy access and management of all your customer’s historical account details, activities and opportunities. Leads can be distributed to different sales professionals. Want to know what stage your opportunities are at? Use CRM’s Dashboard, point and click and you have a graph with all that information. When automation is clean with all the details you need, you will work faster and smarter.

These are just 3-C’s (reasons) Customer Relationship Management can improve your companies’ efficiency, communication, sales, marketing and many more. Looking for local support, training and advice on CRM?

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