altruistic service supports our people and clients to be Better.

The NAME: Altruistic service supports our people and clients to Be Better.

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We help our clients navigate complexity.

We lead our clients as they navigate complexity that comes with growth and disruption. We provide an experienced and objective view to support options in determining which path would be most optimal, knowing that there is typically more than one path to success. Anyone telling you differently is likely selling you on their path or not thinking creatively.
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We walk the walk we talk.

We don’t just come up with ideas and walk away. We challenge our teams, and our clients, to consider innovative solutions and then we ensure they are executed. Many people consider consultants those who say and don’t do. We do. We are right next to our clients in the thick of it, making it happen everyday.

Our clients trust us because of our people, and they choose us because of our expertise.

We’re proud to be a DFW strategy and technology solutions provider serving businesses across the United States.  We provide strategic support and advisory for companies seeking growth and scalability with our innovative technology, valuable insight, and results focused approach.

By creating a custom execution plan with and for your organization to solve complex business problems, there is no one better to help you achieve long-term and sustainable success.

The Altruas Difference

The Founding Partners of Altruas built their business based upon these mission critical elements:

the right team

We recognize that for our business to be sustainable and thrive, we must have incredible people AND the right team. We hire and train people who integrate well with our clients and our people are the right ones to serve them.

partner-level engagement

When you hire Altruas, you can be assured that you will receive support, guidance, and insight from our most senior staff – our managing directors.  They will be dedicated to delivering great business outcomes.


maximizing investment

Clients deserve getting the most out of the investments they’ve made in technology solutions. As we understand your business processes, we will work hard to ensure that your ERP and/or CRM system is optimized so that your organization can and will yield the greatest benefit.


Talk to Altruas to learn how to deliver great results while reducing costs and increasing profits.