Sage Intacct 2019 Q2 Release Notes

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman


One of the biggest benefits of choosing a best-in-class software like Sage Intacct? Robust quarterly updates. This is a key advantage of best-in-class software, as developers can focus more on specific, user-focused improvements.


Our blog this week outlines the newest features and improvements done by Sage Intacct this quarter. Sage Intacct has built on the already-strong product to provide enhancements for everything from accounts payable to workflows, and everything in between. Here are some of the top improvements to the platform in the Q2 2018 release.


Accounts PayableLoad bills by applying a filter to focus on just the bills you need to pay now.

Monitor the Smart Event jobs queued in your company and view a history of completed jobs. Get deeper insight and drill down into the details of queued or completed Smart Event jobs, which is particularly useful if multiple Smart Events are triggered by the same event.

Control how Sage Intacct handles third-party content not whitelisted in your content security policy.

Cash ManagementBank Reconciliation enhancements enable you to:
1) Set new permissions to separate reconciliation duties and keep your company data secure.
2) Manually select and match voided and reversed transactions within Intacct when reconciling via import.
ConsolidationsNow, when you consolidate your books, Sage Intacct uses the Exchange Rate Date defined on each individual transaction line instead of the date of the transaction, providing additional flexibility and predictability, especially when deferred revenue or expenses are involved.

Use contract types to group contracts in meaningful ways to provide additional insight into your business. You get to decide what categories make the most sense for your contracts.

In this release, Sage Intacct provides the infrastructure to defer estimated time-based revenue for Time & Materials projects.

With either project- or task-based percent complete billing, you can now set percentage threshold values in billing templates so that a project is only invoiced when certain thresholds are met.

Customization and Platform ServicesTake advantage of our new sample templates for invoices and other documents. We added nine new samples to use as a starting point, and improved usability to speed up the document template creation and management process.
General Ledger

Sage Intacct extended automation with recurring allocations, and the allocation definition has again grown to include more adjustment (true-up) options for your source pool, and more basis calculation options. And now you can attach documents to your definition.

Sage Intacct added a new control option at the account level to help ensure entries to subledger accounts are recorded through the subledger applications into the general ledger journals to keep them in sync.


When the demand for items varies over time, use fluctuating forecasts to keep your inventory levels lean. Project the demand in a forecast and skip the work of adjusting quantities each time demand changes.

If items aren’t stocked in every warehouse, use new options to streamline the replenishment results. Include only the item-warehouse combinations you want to restock.

As you enter an actual landed cost, you’ll now see how the cost will be distributed to the items in the original purchase. Before, you had to check the system-generated adjustment transactions.

ProjectsRestrict transaction rules to only run for billable timesheet entries.
Reporting and InsightsSave time during your dashboard creation and use the two new, out-of-box dashboards added for companies that use the General QuickStart template. These dashboards are set up to help you capture your cash analysis and key financial ratios and in one centralized place.
Salesforce IntegrationSage Intacct updated the Sage Intacct Advanced CRM Integration to include resynchronization of managed lists, improved error validation, and other smaller updates.
User ExperienceShortly after this release is generally available, Sage Intacct will automatically default all users to Action UI so that everyone can discover how it works. You can still switch back to the previous UI if needed.
WorkflowWith automated additional postings on user-defined books, you can now manage and report on sales and purchase commitments much faster and with fewer errors. And, you can create other time-saving workflows!


Additional improvements to the user experience, web services, and more were discussed in the RELEASE NOTES and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. However, the best way to learn more about the improvements is to call 844-TXCLOUD or email to get in touch with one of the partners today! We are happy to help you take your Sage Intacct use further.