When you stream videos on Netflix, you’re using cloud computing. Do you check your bank balance on your phone? Yes, you’re using cloud computing again.     So, why wouldn’t you want your business, aka your baby, to be on the cloud? Why wouldn’t you want to get up-to-speed in the year 2019? So many … Read more

At some point in your business, it’s time to sunset your QuickBooks financial software. Question is: how do you know when to say goodbye to what’s become a comfortable—if somewhat cumbersome—solution? The signs are there. You just have to know what to look for: You’re doing business in a vacuum. Growth, such as opening a … Read more

As your rate of growth increases, you can’t afford to wait days or even hours for someone to extract the right data and get it into the right format to let you capture the right opportunities. That’s the reality of working with QuickBooks. There’s a better way. With Sage Intacct’s cloud financial management software, you … Read more

Surviving Cloud NightmareIt’s a scary fact, but some cloud applications do not meet the needs of growing businesses.  Be it a compliance issue, a security issue, or even poor planning that leaves a cloud provider declaring bankruptcy; there can be issues for which your business must be prepared before signing a Service-Level Agreement.

Cloud Computing MythsAs more and more companies choose cloud computing, more and more naysayers will scramble to create cloud horror stories, reasons to stay with on-premise solutions, and cloud myths to scare business owners into “solutions” that will end up costing more than they’re worth.