They say that numbers don’t lie, but that’s, well, a lie—especially in the world of corporate accounting. In fact, what’s seen and what’s real are often two very different things, making it almost impossible for investors, board members, and executives to have confidence in the numbers. Harvard Business Review does an excellent job analyzing why … Read more

For today’s CFOs, IT is where it’s at. Finance and technology have become so intertwined that CFOs need to be almost as savvy about bits and bytes as they are about facts and figures. The term “digital CFO” has crept up in recent years, a sign that finance executives need to get their technology game … Read more

You have to spend money to make money. That’s why departments such as human resources or IT are acceptable cost centers for your business. They’re necessary to have, cost money, and don’t directly have control over the revenue they generate. Field service organizations have operated as cost centers for years. Until now. With the right … Read more

Digital transformation is a phrase that’s heard in nearly every board meeting and executive retreat. What is it, though, and why’s it such a big deal? There are a lot of definitions, but a nice, simple one comes from George Westerman, principal research scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy: “Digital transformation … Read more

As your rate of growth increases, you can’t afford to wait days or even hours for someone to extract the right data and get it into the right format to let you capture the right opportunities. That’s the reality of working with QuickBooks. There’s a better way. With Sage Intacct’s cloud financial management software, you … Read more

Don’t let your tech hold you back

Your goal is to wow your customer—innovating is why you’re in business. But the more manual steps between idea and customer—from balancing the budget to managing the supply chain—the harder it can be to stay relevant and keep costs in check. Are time-consuming processes and disconnected systems holding you back?