In the year 2019, no one will feel the effects of financial transformation more than the Chief Financial Officer. Indeed, as new systems are implemented and available data increases, your whole Finance Department will move from the back office to front line, taking on a role that’s financial with significantly more strategy. Soon, you and … Read more

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a best-in-class software like Sage Intacct? Robust quarterly updates. This is a key advantage of best-in-class software, as developers can focus more on specific, user-focused improvements.   Our blog this week outlines the newest features and improvements done by Sage Intacct this quarter. Sage Intacct has built on … Read more

We have all heard these excuses from friends or loved ones that are Chief Financial Officers of a major organization:   “Sorry I can’t make it to dinner tonight, I am stuck at the office with a deadline!” “Hey, I am going to be about two hours late; stuck working on projections for next quarter.” … Read more

When you try on a one size fits all pair of pants and they don’t fit, do you say to yourself “I thought this top fit everyone?” Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” approach to buying technology, like clothes, is flawed because it assumes all businesses and employees’ function and do their jobs the same … Read more

Congrats! On the biggest day of love, also known as Valentine’s Day, it looks like it is your Chief Financial Officer’s lucky day. Your CFO matched with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution that meets their business needs and objectives. This ‘match’ is ready to settle down, make it past the seven-month itch, and is … Read more

For many small and mid-sized businesses, QuickBooks has been the preferred choice for  financial software in the organization’s early days – and for solid reasons. QuickBooks is well-known in the ERP space and easy to use, and it offers the basic functionality that almost any business can use to get off the ground. Unfortunately, virtually every growing business also … Read more