One Size Fits All vs Best of Breed

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman


When you try on a one size fits all pair of pants and they don’t fit, do you say to yourself “I thought this top fit everyone?” Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” approach to buying technology, like clothes, is flawed because it assumes all businesses and employees’ function and do their jobs the same way. The argument of an all-encompassing suite vs. individual best-of-breed systems has been around for as long as someone realized you can integrate your different technology platforms.


This argument is particularly relevant to mid-sized companies looking at ERP implementation. It is safe to assume that most mid-sized organizations that are growing have probably had multiple line-of-business systems already in place for different functions like accounting, inventory, marketing, or sales. Should you keep those systems or have them replaced by a one size fits all model?


A cherry-picking software strategy calls for selecting and implementing solutions for certain departments and business functions. Certain departments may have very focused and specific requirements that can only be met by industry-specific applications. This approach focuses on delivering the best functionality, scalability, and usability for a very specific user group. We love this as it helps everyone do better with their day-to-day tasks, helping the company overall at a greater level.


A one size fits all suite, on the other hand, is more time-consuming to implement and can cause a major disruption to day-to-day operations of businesses. Some departments may be unwilling to do without their familiar systems. Also, for these all-in-one suites, the depth of functionality tends to be limited. For example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Salesforce are some of the best stand-alone CRM’s in the world that can do any customization you can think of vs. an application that has a built-in CRM. These built-ins just can’t be flexible like the best-of-breeds. Just like shopping, you may not be a one size fits all after all. Heck, you may be too tall or have a dad-bod tummy problem, and that is OK, you just need to get a brand that fits you and YOUR figure.


To sum it up, we feel that a one size fits all approach to software buying doesn’t fit anyone. We feel that it is much more efficient for mid-sized businesses to maintain a mix of integrated best-of-breed applications that scale with your organization overtime. To learn more about how we can assess your technology mix or help you evaluate your software needs, email or call 844-TXCLOUD today.