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Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman


Back in the day, it was important for a company that purchased new technology like a CRM or ERP System to work with a local consulting company.  In fact, one of the most important reasons for choosing a solution was the proximity of the consulting company. Part of the reason for this was that a lot of hands-on tasks were needed for a client and an implementation.

Even though cloud computing has made the need for working with a local company much less of a factor, many companies still choose a local VAR / consulting company over a company that’s the most qualified to deliver on its business needs. What are some of the reasons for this?

Support for the local guys – To some buyers, it’s important to give business to other local companies rather than to a company that’s hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Fewer degrees of separation – A company’s staff members can often be one or two degrees of separation from the staff of a local consulting company versus three or more degrees of separation from the staff of a consulting company in another geographic area.  Fewer degrees of separation translates into a greater level of trust. And as we know, relationships are everything in business.

Concerns over time zone differences – Some buyers want their CRM or ERP consulting company to be aligned from a time zone perspective so that there’s a longer daily window of real time availability. If you work with a company in a totally different time zone, that will make your hours shift as well, causing delays and time added to projects.

A local group to ‘blame’ – If things go terribly, there’s a perception that it’s easier to track down a local consultant so that whatever is not working can be rectified and fixed in a very timely manner.

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