As they start to grow, many organizations take a conservative approach to accounting software and simply add new instances of QuickBooks for each new entity or location. Unfortunately, that means the challenges and obstacles only grow exponentially. By contrast, Sage Intacct cloud financials is designed to support the needs of organizations that operate multiple entities, … Read more

At some point in your business, it’s time to sunset your QuickBooks financial software. Question is: how do you know when to say goodbye to what’s become a comfortable—if somewhat cumbersome—solution? The signs are there. You just have to know what to look for: You’re doing business in a vacuum. Growth, such as opening a … Read more

Making the switch from QuickBooks to a cloud financial management system like Sage Intacct may seem like a scary step to take. It’s likely your finance team finds the QuickBooks-and-spreadsheet routine as natural as breathing. However, if you’re business is growing—or you’d like it to grow—entry-level systems and Excel can’t support financial processes and reporting. … Read more

Most midmarket ERP software implementations are accomplished with moving off QuickBooks and for the most part, users can plan and execute the transition rapidly.  With the right consultant and Sage Intacct the transition can be planned and executed rapidly, but how do you know when it’s time? For most startups, after one or two years … Read more

Upgrading from QuickbooksYou’ve put years of effort into growing your business for success.  No matter the business: Software company, nonprofit, storefront or even e-commerce website; there comes a time when your business takes hold and starts to experience major growth.  Congratulations, you’re starting to harvest the fruits of your hard work, build a name for yourself, and prove the worth of entrepreneurship.