Is Your Small or Medium Business Growth Being Stifled?

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Upgrading from QuickbooksYou’ve put years of effort into growing your business for success.  No matter the business: Software company, nonprofit, storefront or even e-commerce website; there comes a time when your business takes hold and starts to experience major growth.  Congratulations, you’re starting to harvest the fruits of your hard work, build a name for yourself, and prove the worth of entrepreneurship.

However, there is one problem.  This growth has been met on all fronts except one—your financial management software.  A growing epidemic in the small business community is the fact that owners and accountants are clinging desperately to accounting software that is not suited to meet their business needs.  Do you recognize any of the following bottlenecks?

  • You are spending too much time on duplicate entry of data into multiple systems.
  • It takes too long to get financials each month
  • You need audit controls and SOX compliance.
  • You need to import data from outside systems (i.e., customized billing system, payroll entries, or payments from another system).
  • You cannot determine your true cash balance

If any of these bring up a sinking feeling in your stomach, you may have outgrown QuickBooks.

How Can Growing Businesses Overcome This?

This common occurrence is where you need enterprise performance without the enterprise price tag.  Thousands of businesses have already learned why QuickBooks isn’t right for them and chosen best-in-class financial management software Intacct.

Intacct is tailored to the specific needs of growing businesses, is easy to implement, and will save you time each month.

Don’t take our word for it, learn from one of the many satisfied clients.

  • Case Study: Church saves $50,000 in Salaries and Benefits after switching to Intacct. Read more about Faith Promise Church here.
  • Case Study: Franchised gym and fitness club improves recognition across 15 separate entities. Read more about Fitness Formula Clubs switch to Intacct here.
  • Case Study: E-Commerce Retailer reduces costly overhead, and improves overall financial management using robust Intacct reporting capabilities.  Read more about here.

Ready to learn more? Ready for a free trial, no credit card required? Altruas is proud to offer new registrants a 30 day free trial of best-in-class financial management software Intacct.  How can you recognize this truly adaptable software? Sign up on Intacct’s Website.

Are you ready to actually make the decision? Altruas is a provider of best-in-class financial management software Intacct to businesses throughout Texas.  Contact us to see what you can achieve when your financials are intact with Intacct.