Churches Gain Faith in Cloud Computing [Infographic]

Surviving Cloud NightmareIt’s a scary fact, but some cloud applications do not meet the needs of growing businesses.  Be it a compliance issue, a security issue, or even poor planning that leaves a cloud provider declaring bankruptcy; there can be issues for which your business must be prepared before signing a Service-Level Agreement.

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Is Your Small or Medium Business Growth Being Stifled?

Upgrading from QuickbooksYou’ve put years of effort into growing your business for success.  No matter the business: Software company, nonprofit, storefront or even e-commerce website; there comes a time when your business takes hold and starts to experience major growth.  Congratulations, you’re starting to harvest the fruits of your hard work, build a name for yourself, and prove the worth of entrepreneurship.

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Four Reasons Intacct Nearly Doubled Bookings Last Quarter

Intacct Growth RateIntacct is more than poised for growth.  The company has seen growth, scaled to meet the needs, and continues to improve its service offering.  After a recent press release, the company reports that bookings of the best-in-class financial management software nearly doubled in its fourth quarter; we would like to share with you why more and more growing companies are choosing Intacct.

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Case Study: Intacct Provides Streamlined Reporting

Intacct Case Study ChurchChurch Organization Discovers That Intacct's Automated Financial Processes Provide Faster, More Streamlined Reporting

While Southern Baptist-affiliated Potential Church was seeing exponential expansion in terms of membership, facilities and budget, the organization found that QuickBooks was slowing down its accounting processes. The software system previously was used to support the organization's accounts payable processes, invoices and deposits. Potential Church soon found that QuickBooks was time consuming to use and support. In addition, the program's IT requirements had become increasingly burdensome.

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Is Your Software Enterprise-Ready?

Skyhigh Enterprise ReadyWhen selecting a cloud vendor, there are many questions that you need to ask.  Is the cloud scalable, secure, and able to handle the critical business applications needed for long term business growth? The experts at Skyhigh were thinking this exact thing when they introduced their CloudTrust Program.  What is CloudTrust? What does it mean to choose an ‘Enterprise-Ready’ Solution? How can this ranking help your business to improve decisions and ensure security in the cloud?

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