Churches Gain Faith in Cloud Computing [Infographic]

Surviving Cloud NightmareIt’s a scary fact, but some cloud applications do not meet the needs of growing businesses.  Be it a compliance issue, a security issue, or even poor planning that leaves a cloud provider declaring bankruptcy; there can be issues for which your business must be prepared before signing a Service-Level Agreement.

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When Your Church Outgrows QuickBooks – Webcast

Church Outgrown QuickBooksIf you work for or are in control of your church’s finances, a growing membership base is almost always a good thing.  However, as your church grows, your need to effectively manage and monitor finances becomes more important, timely, and harder to control using entry-level software like QuickBooks.  But what do you need to know? Where can you move next? How can you overcome the growing pains that come with a growing parish?  The answer is simple.

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