The Spreadsheet Danger Zone

Spreadsheets are great, sometimes indispensable… To an extent. Many companies have relied on spreadsheets and manual financial processes since their inception. Why not? They’re easy to set up, people are familiar with them, and they work for basic functions.

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When Your Church Outgrows QuickBooks – Webcast

Church Outgrown QuickBooksIf you work for or are in control of your church’s finances, a growing membership base is almost always a good thing.  However, as your church grows, your need to effectively manage and monitor finances becomes more important, timely, and harder to control using entry-level software like QuickBooks.  But what do you need to know? Where can you move next? How can you overcome the growing pains that come with a growing parish?  The answer is simple.

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5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Accounting Software

Signs You Need a New Accounting SystemAs a company grows, they eventually hit an inflection point where it becomes obvious that a change to their financial management and accounting software is required. This could be the case where the company has outgrown its initial financial system, such as QuickBooks, or a situation where they are looking to move off outdated and unwieldy on-premises financial software from the likes of Microsoft or Oracle.

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10 Risks of Using a Traditional Financial Management System

Risks of Using a Traditional Financial System

An article from Intacct called, Traditional Financial Systems: A Long, Winding Road to Nowhere, shared 10 risks or problems associated with using a traditional financial system.

Traditional financial systems typically lack the analytic functionality to support the intelligence needs and speed of business most companies operate. The lack of real-time information hinders management’s ability to apply their knowledge and leadership to its fullest extent, and stunts employee contribution.

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The Hidden Costs of QuickBooks

Hidden Costs of QuickBooksQuickBooks is the most popular starter or entry level accounting software available, with over 4.5 million users. While sufficient for many small businesses, limitations of QuickBooks requires many users to consider upgrading to a more robust solution.

If your business has moved beyond the entry level, your organization may be facing a number of challenges as you hit the limits of QuickBooks functionality.

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