Cloud Love

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman


When you stream videos on Netflix, you’re using cloud computing. Do you check your bank balance on your phone? Yes, you’re using cloud computing again.



So, why wouldn’t you want your business, aka your baby, to be on the cloud? Why wouldn’t you want to get up-to-speed in the year 2019? So many businesses are moving their financials to the cloud and relying on cloud computing. Why? Because a CFO can just log in and get to work. To
say it bluntly, cloud computing means accessing and storing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or server.


In addition to increasing efficiency, improving cash flow and providing scalability, here’s three of our favorite reasons to move your financials to the cloud:


Lower Hardware Costs

Although cloud accounting offers enhanced security and increased productivity, it also cuts out the cost of hardware and hosting. Hosting your accounting software requires you to have an information technology team to setup, run, and manage your servers. On the other hand, using cloud-­based software eliminates these expenses. It’s a lower cost to manage that’s kind to your cash flow. You won’t need to hire a team to maintain your software and hardware as it is all in the cloud.


Disaster Recovery

Oh, the dreaded D-word. Your financial data is crucial to the success of your business and hosting your own accounting software creates an unnecessary risk. Hard drive failures might be uncommon, but trust us, they do occur. Backing up your data on a regular basis is both time-consuming and costly, but losing your accounting data could be catastrophic, and your business could fail as a result. Cloud computing protects you from this risk by providing automatic backups, so if a hard drive fails, then your data is still safe and can be quickly restored.


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

When you decide to host your software locally, you must be in the office to access data, run reports or sign checks. It is the biggest pain. Although some companies have remote access capabilities, most run very outdated systems that have very limited functionality, which makes it difficult for your team to collaborate when they are out of the office. Using cloud software enables anyone to access their software from any location. The ability to work from remote locations makes collaboration simple, which enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Any of the above benefits would be enough to convince many small and medium-­sized businesses to move their financials to the cloud. These no-­brainer reasons are worth a conversation with our team to see if your business makes sense! Call 844-TXCLOUD or email to join us in the cloud.