Customer Relationship Management is a tool everyone in every company should use, and I mean everyone. If you are an Account Executive, VP of Sales, or a CMO, you need CRM to keep on track and organized. Below are the 3-C’s (reasons) CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce are being implemented in many organizations: Customization … Read more

On April 18th, Jake Horn, a Partner at Altruas who spearheads the CRM Practice of the business, provided a detailed synopsis on why Customer Relationship Management software ischallenging for many business owners and users. CRM Implementations can be complex, and there are multiple examples of poor results; many reasons CRM is tough to master is … Read more

As the wise Sheryl Crow sings in her 1996 anthem, “I think a change would do you good.” Change. People hate it. Literally abhor it. And this resistance to change manifests itself in many ways. Change, the horror! One of the most common versions of ‘please don’t change this’ that is heard in the workforce … Read more

What is the #1 new lazy-person activity that is on everyone’s mind after a long day at the office? Netflix and Chill….duh! It puts a smile on my face Monday thru Thursday whenever I think about it, and this week’s version of Netflix and Chill didn’t disappoint. This week, I felt the need to start … Read more

Sales is to Customer Relationship Management as Peanut Butter is to Jelly; the two go hand in hand and work together oh so magically between two slices of bread. Just like a tasty PBJ, strong customer relationships are the core of most successful businesses, and it takes two to tango to have a healthy business. … Read more

You may have heard that it costs five times as much to attract new customers as it does to keep the ones you have. That price is too high, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. To succeed, it’s critical that you stay connected with your clients during every stage of the process, from lead generation to customer retention.