I Think A CRM Change Would Do You Good

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman


As the wise Sheryl Crow sings in her 1996 anthem, “I think a change would do you good.”

Change. People hate it. Literally abhor it. And this resistance to change manifests itself in many ways. Change, the horror! One of the most common versions of ‘please don’t change this’ that is heard in the workforce is regarding a business’s Customer Relationship Management Software. When a business owner decides to make some changes, it tends to be for the better, but there are some important red flags that should be noticed that could be major indicators that you need to make a change that’ll do you and your team some good.


CRM software is supposed to be a significantly helpful tool for your business, but if you’re noticing a company culture and staff becoming more negative and declining, that should be taken seriously. These are major red flags that something needs to change. When employees are asked to so much bothersome busy work that is extremely technical, that could translate into your employees being too reliant on their software, meaning they’re not paying enough attention to their actual leads and/or customers. CRM is supposed to help with your pipeline, not hinder you. And when your sales team feels like their 8 to 5 consists almost entirely of logging pending and data about every client daily, that’s when you need to make those changes to your CRM.


If your sales team was once a lively, personable team capable of pulling in tons of leads before switching to a sales CRM and now your numbers are slipping, it’s time to regroup and remind your agents that sales CRM is used to enhance the sales process, not take it over. Don’t spend all day every day memorizing which one of your leads has 1+ child, or when they bought a package 3 years ago. Literally listen to your clients. Let them talk and naturally log important information into your CRM that you remember. Don’t forget the ‘R’ in CRM; relationships are the beating heart to every business, and without relationships, it is a sinking ship.


If that same upbeat and energetic team is used to being out of the office meeting clients face-to-face, and now they are strapped to their desks logging activity, that one very positive energy will dissipate and die out. The negative culture and energy is toxic and will spread like wildfire if merely a few people feel this way on a team. This negative environment needs to be addressed immediately. CRM software often comes with powerful automations built specifically to handle mundane tasks such as data entry, lead scoring, report building, follow-ups, and more.  One MAJOR time-saver with CRM is when it integrates with your email; with a click of a button, many CRM’s such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrate with Outlook and save all company and contact information with a simple click. These CRM investments are worth every penny so your sales team can form relationships with their leads and/or clients ahead of their competition and not spend tons of time logging data.


If these time-consuming tasks aren’t decreasing, teams aren’t happy, and there is a negative energy across the board, it’s very clear that management needs to look and evaluate how their CRM software. We can help, and that can be done in a free consultation or a simple phone call. Call 844-TXCLOUD or email info@altruas.com. There is a solution to every problem, and the problem can be that a new or revised CRM could do you some good!