What is the #1 new lazy-person activity that is on everyone’s mind after a long day at the office? Netflix and Chill….duh! It puts a smile on my face Monday thru Thursday whenever I think about it, and this week’s version of Netflix and Chill didn’t disappoint. This week, I felt the need to start … Read more

Sales is to Customer Relationship Management as Peanut Butter is to Jelly; the two go hand in hand and work together oh so magically between two slices of bread. Just like a tasty PBJ, strong customer relationships are the core of most successful businesses, and it takes two to tango to have a healthy business. … Read more

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. To stay competitive, you need to understand and develop more personal relationships at every stage—from interested prospect to committed customer. That’s why there’s Microsoft Dynamics 365, a new type of business applications that helps you capture new opportunities and delight your existing customers. These four CRM applications … Read more

You have to spend money to make money. That’s why departments such as human resources or IT are acceptable cost centers for your business. They’re necessary to have, cost money, and don’t directly have control over the revenue they generate. Field service organizations have operated as cost centers for years. Until now. With the right … Read more

Business Growth Dynamics 365

You’ve reached a stage where customer demands drive your growth, but you may not have the right tools or processes in place to anticipate buying behaviors or build loyalty. Your opportunities could be limited by stand-alone customer relationship management systems. It’s time to transform IT into a flexible, affordable driver of innovation. You need technology … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Customer Engagement

Too often, companies find their sales and marketing processes miss the mark. For example, say one of your prospects is a new-business owner, but receives marketing emails targeted toward enterprise accounts. Or your sales reps know nothing about the free trial you’re offering. The possible scenarios are endless, but they all add up to the same thing—you’ve failed to engage and have thus lost a prospective customer.