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Situation The client serves hundreds of customers nationwide via their Contact Center, utilizing a newly implemented integrated voice recording (IVR) system Hundreds of test cases were required to be run daily to support ongoing deployments, changes within a very dynamic delivery process Time was critical – the team has a very constrained timeline to successfully complete testing for … Read more

Situation An art handling and freight company wants to implement Dynamics CRM & Field Service Client uses three distinct types of transportation services including a “shuttle” approach with several pick ups and drop offs The client engaged Altruas to go about setting up a way to group Work Orders for a “shuttle” and optimize the route of the shuttle given the … Read more

Situation The current auction management system was serving them well, but it was functioning at its maximum capability with little room for improvement The company needed an auction management application that would allow them to automate the entire auction process but provide a quick implementation timeline The real estate auction market was expanding rapidly, and … Read more

Situation The client accepts over $1 billion per year in credit card transactions without the use of a point of sale Storing end-user credit cards requires strict adherence with PCI DSS standards and an abundance of testing The client partnered with a large international bank’s payment technology to provide a high performance back-end payment platform and the … Read more

Situation As a $40M commercial manufacturing provider for the construction industry, they deliver quality components and provide installation for the largest residential home builders in the southwest The client engaged Altruas to collaborate on the design, development, and expansion of their Custom .NET 4.5.2 MVC Web Application. Growing with the client, Altruas implemented the frameworks and best practices that allowed them … Read more

Whether you are a developer who is new to SQL and wants to learn the basics or an experienced developer who wants to pick up some new ideas to help tune the performance of your queries, this article will lay out the foundation for the analysis of a query and how to get the most … Read more