Customized Optimization of Field Service Routing ​ with Dynamics CRM through a No Code Approach
Art Handling and Freight Company
Dynamics CRM & Field Service Implementation, No Code Development
  • An art handling and freight company wants to implement Dynamics CRM & Field Service
  • Client uses three distinct types of transportation services including a “shuttle” approach with several pick ups and drop offs
  • The client engaged Altruas to go about setting up a way to group Work Orders for a “shuttle” and optimize the route of the shuttle given the geolocations of the workorders and the limitations of the truck
  • Grouping the Work Orders
  • Creating and embedding an App the end user can utilize to automatically optimize the route of all related Work Orders
  • Client wanted to be able to manually modify the Waypoints if needed
  • Client wanted a no/low code option so they could maintain the App if any changes were needed
  • Altruas utilized software the customer was already paying for as part of the Microsoft suite to develop the App
  • Altruas grouped all related Work Orders and embedded a Canvas App into the form so users can click a single button to send all the geodata to the Bing Maps API and then sequence the Work Orders according to the information received back
  • Client can then change the sequence manually if needed and through a second Canvas App create the URL and automatically launch the default maps application for the device