Improved Operational Efficiency – a real estate auction company improved capacity by 40% through implementing a new auction management system
Real Estate Auction Company
CRM, Custom Development, System Integration
  • The current auction management system was serving them well, but it was functioning at its maximum capability with little room for improvement
  • The company needed an auction management application that would allow them to automate the entire auction process but provide a quick implementation timeline
  • The real estate auction market was expanding rapidly, and the company needed systems that would allow it to grow capacity without increasing headcount
  • The client engaged the team to assist in the selection and implementation of the new application platform
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 was selected as it provided a quality foundation for the next generation auction management system
  • Out of the box CRM entities for Accounts and Contacts were customized to meet the needs of the business
  • Custom entities were created to track Auctions, Auction Sales, Properties, Offers, Contracts, Earnest Monies, Issues, Contract Extensions and Amendments
  • Automation of the Front End (Property Acquisition and Marketing), Negotiation (Post Auction) and Closing processes were consolidated on to one operational platform
  • Implementation occurred over a six-month timeframe providing quick ROI
  • The client was able to realize an organizational capacity gain of 40% without additional headcount
  • The systems provided a unified framework to align business processes and compensation structures across the organization
  • Communication across the organization was consolidated and is available to all parties involved with an auction transaction in real-time
  • The business is now able to measure operational metrics that were previously impossible or hard to obtain