Built a robust platform supporting real-time event processing and handling $1B per year in payments for a $2+B global marketing services company
Global Marketing Services Company
CQRS, Event Sourcing, Apache Kafka, SAP, Azure, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, .NET Core, Microservices
  • The client accepts over $1 billion per year in credit card transactions without the use of a point of sale
  • Storing end-user credit cards requires strict adherence with PCI DSS standards and an abundance of testing
  • The client partnered with a large international bank’s payment technology to provide a high performance back-end payment platform and the ability to achieve low interchange rates on every transaction
  • Altruas worked with the team to build multiple APIs and web apps which fit into the client’s microservice architecture with full unit test coverage of the payment integration and internationalization to engage clients in multiple countries
  • The complete solution involved building a PCI DSS environment in Azure running on Kubernetes, integrating with Apache Kafka to share and consume data across the application landscape, custom integrations with COTS products, and a responsive SPA for customers to register for shows while providing a method of payment
  • This solution has been in production for over a year and has completely replaced the previous payment platform 
  • Altruas led the development and QA efforts while reporting to senior management on a regular cadence; we provided expertise not available in house to accelerate the project delivery
  • The final implementation provided the client with a scalable platform supporting real-time event streaming