Situation Company had acquired numerous smaller entities over the years and hadn’t optimized their sales processes and staff Manual process of inputting sales orders; sales representatives would email, or call in the order and schools would fax in orders Inaccurate orders due to mistyping or not hearing requirements correctly, or illegible handwriting from the fax … Read more

Situation A health insurance carrier spun off their sales team into an independent health and life insurance agency to sell multiple lines of health and life insurance products The new agency needed new sales systems to support selling the products of multiple carriers and wanted to streamline the sales process for their independent agents The … Read more

Situation The client sought to replace one of their two primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems The system being replaced, at 10 years old, had reached its end of life and it was not meeting the needs of a growing business Having been in business for almost 90 years, the client had irreplaceable historical data … Read more

Ninety-two percent of sales organizations rank sales engagement platforms as critical to their success and sales productivity. And yet, many sales teams use disconnected sales tools, which can lead to a lack of collaboration, broken sales processes, and lost revenue. This e-book for small and medium-sized businesses features six strategies that will help you increase … Read more

Customer Relationship Management is a tool everyone in every company should use, and I mean everyone. If you are an Account Executive, VP of Sales, or a CMO, you need CRM to keep on track and organized. Below are the 3-C’s (reasons) CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce are being implemented in many organizations: Customization … Read more