Technology & Process Assessment with Implementation for a Mid-cap Educational Product Company
CRM, Cost optimization, Business Transformation, Technology Evaluation, Process Improvement
  • Company had acquired numerous smaller entities over the years and hadn’t optimized their sales processes and staff
  • Manual process of inputting sales orders; sales representatives would email, or call in the order and schools would fax in orders
  • Inaccurate orders due to mistyping or not hearing requirements correctly, or illegible handwriting from the fax
  • Wanted the ability to bundle products that were complementary with each other
  • Give visibility to sales representatives representing the different product lines into the accounts (public schools) as schools were getting contacted twice by multiple sales reps
  • Give visibility to their customer base on the status of their order online
  • Increase renewals by simplifying reorder process
  • Assessed what systems and underlying architecture would best solve their problem, leveraging JD Edwards, Salesforce, or custom development, and also assessed gaps within their sales process
  • Recommended migrating sales orders leveraging Salesforce and a 3rd party add on to be the order management system and implemented recommendation
  • Streamlined sales processes and created workflows in Salesforce to force sales reps to adhere to the new processes
  • Built an integration suite to integrate sales orders entered in Salesforce and pushed out to their JD Edwards and fulfillment applications
  • Reduced call volume to the call center by more than half for sales orders for either new orders or the status of an order
  • Increased accuracy of orders to 99%
  • Provided more visibility to sales representatives on activity on an account
  • Leadership had more visibility into their sales pipeline
  • School online orders increased especially in renewals