Emerging Trends to Effectively Engage with Customers

The age of customer engagement has set in, and companies who have treated their customers as friends rather than acquaintances have differentiated themselves. However, some companies have proven to be better at fostering unique, long-lasting, and fruitful relationships with customers than others.

Nonetheless, our world is changing, and companies are serving customers that have been plagued by financial uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, who want a completely digital experience, and who will navigate the commercial landscape quite differently than in the past as they have become more capricious, health-conscious, and price sensitive. Not only that, but strategies for customer engagement are also constantly emerging, and if you do not pay attention, your competition will.

For these reasons and more, we are pleased to announce that in this month’s upcoming webinar, we will be discussing key trends in customer engagement and possible actions you can take to augment existing and future customer journeys with your company.

The webinar, scheduled to take place on  September 2, 2020 at 11:00 AM CT, will be led by Jake Horn and Rama Vangipuram, experts at Altruas. They will be speaking about how to leverage rising trends in customer engagement and why they matter. Since the customer has become king, it is in your interest to be aware of evolving CRM trends to be in a position to effectively shift gears as your customers evolve.

Takeaways from the webinar will include but are not limited to, understanding how to successfully track your customer’s journey, learning how to utilize technology to anticipate your customer’s next move, and discovering non-proprietary solutions to improve your customer engagement systems.

With the insight and guidance given during this webinar on which steps to take next in your customer engagement, this year could become your year.

Jake Horn is a managing director at Altruas. He has 19 years of technology and management experience experienced in CRM solution implementation, business analysis, project/program management, architecting custom software solutions.

Rama Vangipuram is a managing director at Altruas. He has 20+ years of experience of managing large teams from initial planning phases through to successful completion for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Note: This live webinar event has already occurred – enjoy the replay at your convenience.