Situation This company had undergone significant acquisition activity in recent years. As a result, they needed to monitor complexity and respond effectively to market conditions. The objective was to deliver one enterprise-wide strategy for the global firm, so they sought to assess the feasibility of defining and implementing a single, global Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) … Read more

Situation Very large investments into legacy systems on their print business by customizing 3rd party applications Transitioning more to online media presence Business wanted ”single view of customer” to media consultant Business wanted to bundle print and online products Team struggled to consolidate onto one platform and blamed integration team   Led effort to consolidate … Read more

Situation The client accepts over $1 billion per year in credit card transactions without the use of a point of sale Storing end-user credit cards requires strict adherence with PCI DSS standards and an abundance of testing The client partnered with a large international bank’s payment technology to provide a high performance back-end payment platform and the … Read more