Pivot Digitally: How to Reach Your Customers and Amplify Your Digital Engagement

While there may not be one word that could perfectly sum up the year of 2020 due to its unique circumstances, one word that perhaps could summarize it would be “change”. We are pleased to announce that in this month’s upcoming webinar, we will be discussing the shift in business towards digital engagement and how to enhance your company’s ability to thrive in the new today that we all face.


The webinar, scheduled to take place on 07/23/2020, will be led by Parimal Patel and Bianca Reber. They will be speaking about how to effectively pivot into digital engagement with a customer base. While many businesses are still transitioning to a more virtual, lean, and cost-conscious approach, we would like to shift from conversations around surviving to thriving.


Takeaways from the webinar will include but are not limited to, understanding how to better reach your customers, learning how to incorporate repeatable digital solutions into your already existing model, and discovering what success can look like for your company.


Parimal Patel is a managing director at Altruas and an operations executive. He brings multi-industry experience that is focused in the areas of strategy and operations.


Bianca Reber is experienced in marketing and advertising and has led many campaigns to help clients amplify their digital strategy. 

Note: This live webinar event has already occurred – enjoy the replay at your convenience.