Implemented and integrated a contracts module with Salesforce - thousands of contracts handled daily, that resulted in increased efficiencies and trustworthy data
Publicly Traded Insurance Company
ERP and CRM Integration, Contract Management
  • A publicly traded property and casualty insurance agency, that offers franchise opportunities across the US  
  • Client wanted to expand Intacct functionality to include advanced contract and revenue management modules 
  • The existing custom developed finance integration was written by a single developer that was no longer with the organization, limiting ability for changes and modifications  
  • Legacy integration between Salesforce and Intacct that was reaching End of Life could no longer be maintained / upgraded  
  • High volume of new and existing contracts with thousands of contracts handled daily
  • Altruas was brought in to rebuild the existing project and catch up on essentially 5+ years’ worth of “wish list” improvement items, getting the large-scale project back on schedule
  • As the existing integration reached End of Life, Altruas recommended upgrading to a new Low-Code integration solution featuring Dell Boomi to overcome the high-volume obstacle. This new solution would provide better scalability, maintainability, reliability while maintaining compliance with industry regulations  
  • This Dell Boomi integration would also allow the client to add their new desired functionality surrounding Contract and Revenue Management  
  • Altruas was able to create consistent and reliable data, which allowed users to conduct spot checks and perform reconciliations to catch exceptions  
  • Altruas implemented the new contracts solution and integrated the systems positioning the client for growth and streamlining accounting and finance processes which also saved significant amounts on the external audit
  • Client was able to fully realize Account Receivable  
  • Client was able to gain new sales accounts by expanding Contract Management functionality  
  • Client enjoyed multiple quality of life improvements, such as record linking and inter-product communication between CRM and ERP systems