A $150 million humanitarian organization focusing on reversing poverty through child education and support executed a new digital strategy
CRM, Application Development, Vendor Selection support, Trusted Advisor
  • The organization’s brand and messaging had eroded over time as and the company was not digitally interfacing with its donors well
  • Their current CRM and web systems were approaching end of life and were not fulfilling the needs of the organization
  • The organization was also going through a major restructuring and the retirement of their long time CEO
  • We were requested by the client to provide multiple services:
    • Serve as the interim Director of Application Development while a permanent position was filled

    • Develop a CRM Architecture and Roadmap to provided for a unified set of internal operationing systems

    • Lead the technical evaluation and selection of a new CMS and digital agency

  • These efforts were all related to the organizations effort to overhaul their brand and innovate in the ways they were communicating and interacting with donors
  • During this effort we served as a trusted advisor to the executive team including the CEO, COO and VP of Marketing
  • The client was going through a very trying period during this time due to the changes being made. We served as a change agent and trusted advisor during this time
  • The client experienced multiple personnel changes and we served as a consistent management presence
  • A new website was successfully built and launched, this website launched the new organizational brand and voice to donors