A medical device manufacturing company implemented SalesForce to align systems with business processes
Medical Device Manufacturing Company
CRM, Salesforce, Systems Integration, One Source of Truth Reporting
  • The company has been on a steady growth path introducing a new medical device and treatments to the aesthetic market
  • The company’s current systems were separate, the marketing, the outside sales, inside sales, service and account management teams all used different non-integrated systems
  • We worked with the client to create a SalesForce design that would allow them to manage marketing, sales, customer service, regulatory and account management processes
  • The solution allows for a single view of customer information and is the main business interface for customer facing employees
  • Users are able to meet regulatory requirements and track system installations easily and quickly
  • The system also integrates order and invoice information to allow for account managers to follow up on payments and shipments
  • Users can quickly view client information and understand the state of a client in a single place
  • Sales and service employees are notified of new service cases and others actions they need to follow up on through system tasks
  • The company is better able to comply with regulatory requirements in the United States and foreign countries
  • The company is able to grow confidently, knowing that they can manage the increased volume with existing staff