Implemented a cloud-based ERP to provide for growth and visibility

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ERP Implementation, Integration & Multi-entity Accounting


  • Client was growing through acquisitions with 19 entities that required separate reporting and had recently acquired a company overseas
  • Inefficiencies existed throughout the organization through manual processes due to the limitations of QuickBooks
  • Manual workflows significantly impacted business as visibility to critical data was limited
  • Altruas helped the client evaluate and select the best ERP solution for their company size, number of users, and the complexity of their business
  • The new system handles multi-company and multi-currency consolidation
  • With operations in Europe and Asia, users can access the ERP from anywhere at any time



  • Controller gained ability to manage 19 entities in a single view and centralize their AP
  • The company is better able to comply with multi-currency transactions in both the United States and European countries
  • The company can confidently scale the business through new entities or acquisitions easily without adding complexity to their ERP system and reporting
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