We Are Altruas

Bianca Reber

Bianca Reber

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Altruas (Aal-troo-us) – it’s the name of our company, but it’s more than that. The word “altruistic” is defined as the unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others. We believe in this word, the principles behind it, and have embodied all that this word stands for into a People First company culture. Devotion to the welfare of and the unselfish regard for those we work with is not just a part of who we are, it is who we are. We provide altruistic services in supporting our people and clients to become better.


So, what type of company are we? We are a business strategy and technology consulting company that provides strategic support and advisory for companies seeking to scale. Our collaborative model integrates with your leaders to create opportunity while removing obstacles. With our innovative technology, valuable insight, and results-focused approach, we create a custom execution plan with and for your organization to solve complex business problems. Many people consider consultants individuals who say and don’t do. We do.

Our mission is this; to partner with you in improving and scaling your business. We understand the complexities that when trying to do this. With so many different paths to take and possible wrong turns, we remain at your side through the thick of it. Our purpose is to not only guide you through this maze that ultimately leads to success, but to also have fun while doing it. We are not a firm that deploys cookie-cutter solutions to each one of their clients, but rather a partner who works collaboratively with you in creating an individual plan of cost-effective solutions that meet your business objectives.


Altruas – it’s the name of our company, and it was built to support yours. We are here for you; We are Altruas.