Be Better.

Bianca Reber

Bianca Reber

Altruas Team

We asked our managing directors to describe what our company motto, Be Better, means to them.

Be Better. Our company motto. Here at Altruas, all of what we do is centralized around our company motto. It keeps us accountable, not only individually, but holistically as a team working together. What do those words mean to you?  Russ McClendon, one of the managing directors at Altruas says, “When I hear ‘Be Better’, it’s not just a tag line, to me it is a call to action, or a challenge. We have a choice, stay the same, or worse, we regress, or we can move forward to enhance our situation in everything we do. This is how we take on engagements with our clients, by challenging ourselves to ‘Be Better we enable them to “Be Better’.”


At Altruas, our people first culture focuses on our employees so that we can better support our clients. Parimal Patel, managing director at Altruas, says that when “we strive to be better as individuals and seek continuous learning, we can be better as a team and for our clients in achieving great outcomes”. By consistently striving to be better, we are allowing our clients to not only receive the best version of ourselves, but also the best work we have to offer.


Jake Horn, another managing director at Altruas, explains that the company motto pushes him to “always strive to be the best version of [himself] possible”. Our employees do not settle for the bare minimum, even in the midst of difficult challenges. “Be Better is the core of who Altruas is. We want our employees to strive to be the best version of themselves professionally and personally. This in turn helps our clients also strive to be best version of themselves by being a good place to work, building a brand that people can trust, provide the customer experience that engages the customer,” says managing director Rama Vangipuram.


“We want to be better than just a consulting firm or software vendor to our clients.  We want to be a partner who solves problems and makes work life better.  We want to be better to each other,” explains Doug Roberts managing partner at Altruas. Our goal is to always provide altruistic services in supporting our people and clients to become better.


P.T. Barnum once said that “​comfort is the enemy of progress”. It is our promise that we will never settle where we are comfortable. Our mission is this; to partner with you in improving and scaling your business while striving to be better in the process. We promise to always live by our motto: ​Be Better.


Stay tuned for our upcoming Be Better series featuring our whole Altruas team.