How Small Businesses Can Save With The Cloud – Infographic

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Cloud Savings ROI and SavingsMany small business owners are using the cloud and experiencing benefits like never seen before. Using cloud computing for business is a way that small business owners can save money, time, and hassle on a daily basis.
Below is an infographic from Line//Shape//Space that shares six solid reasons why it’ll make your life easier to use the cloud, some of the cloud services available to help your business, the number of cloud services small businesses are using today, and how much you’ll cut energy and IT-labor costs by using the cloud.

6 Reasons To Use The Cloud

1. Reduction of Costs
Using the cloud enables mass-scale computing power and minimizes IT requirements and physical storage, proving a significant savings
2. Anytime, Anywhere
Cloud computing allows users to access their files anytime and anywhere. Files are no longer stuck on one single computer.
3. Ease of collaboration
Saving and accessing files on the cloud means everyone is working from the same master document, which can include access-and-permission controls.
4. Elastic Computing
Armed with super-computing capabilities, businesses can leave computation-intensive actions for the cloud to complete, freeing up valuable time and staff resources.
5. Reduces Risk
The cloud adds security for its users by backing up the data off-site, decreasing the potential for hackers, viruses, and other cybersecurity issues.
6. Improves Efficiency
No longer worry about power requirements, space considerations, or software updates. Cloud Savings Infographic Infographic and Image Source What can the cloud do for you? Is it time to move to the cloud? Learn more about how cloud technology by contacting us today!

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