Anxious about Switching from QuickBooks? Banish Your Fears with Altruas

Making the switch from QuickBooks to a cloud financial management system like Sage Intacct may seem like a scary step to take. It’s likely your finance team finds the QuickBooks-and-spreadsheet routine as natural as breathing. However, if you’re business is growing—or you’d like it to grow—entry-level systems and Excel can’t support financial processes and reporting. Keying and re-keying data wastes valuable time and leads to costly errors. You don’t have the visibility into business metrics needed to make informed decisions. And with more data and more processes to support, your QuickBooks system is much too slow. Even though it’s time for a change that can only benefit your business, several fears may have you keep you tethered to QuickBooks:
  • A messy move: Whether you’re moving to a new house or new financial system, complications always arise. A QuickBooks ledger full of errors is no exception—you’re bound to encounter your fair share of duplicates or incorrect or incomplete information. Even the most fearless may find these inaccuracies daunting.
  • A sense of being stuck: Everybody has QuickBooks—or so it seems. The sheer volume of users has created a certain inertia that may make you feel it’s better to keep with the system you know. You’re sure can always find a workaround to overcome any technical issues.
  • Familiarity breeds comfort: Your business may be showing signs it’s outgrowing QuickBooks—such as lack of real-time tracking and the constant need to perform manual consolidations. Nonetheless, your team may feel it’s better to stick with the financial system they know than the one that they don’t.
As both your profits and customer base increase, your business gets more complex and the limitations of QuickBooks become even clearer. Given all the anxieties and technical hurdles to overcome, what can you do to do ensure a smooth transition to a cloud financial management system? Consider these two steps:
  1. Understand the challenges of migrating data from QuickBooks. If your master data is corrupt and non-standardized before and after the migration, you might not realize all the benefits of your new solution. You need a well-thought-out process to standardize data, thoroughly test it, and integrate it with your new system.
Unfortunately, cloud financial vendors might not be willing to assist with this process. In addition, the solution itself may not have the functionality to automatically clean up data imported from QuickBooks. And doing it yourself? Who wants to do manual data entry or perform time-consuming tasks better left to the professionals?
  1. Let Altruas manage your migration. There’s a better, easier way to make the switch from QuickBooks. Turn to Altruas, your trusted Sage Intacct partner to help you plan and carry out every step your migration—including moving your QuickBooks data. Don’t let fear hold your company back from growth and success. Contact us today to arrange a free demonstration—and see how business is better in the cloud.

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