When to Breakup with your Current ERP Provider

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman


If something seems off, make sure you’re picking up on any red flags.

Upgrading your new ERP provider is just like dating. Trust me, the analogy may seem rather strange to you, but it is the exact same ‘science’ as dating; if you know you don’t see a future with your significant other, as scary as change may be, you need to do it. That means you get to transform as a person and you truly know what you want. You may be fearful of being alone, but you realize you need this change to find a better ‘mate’ that understands you better, that makes your life more at ease, and helps accelerate your growth as a person. Plus, a better mate = a long-lasting relationship that is compatible!

If you are anything like me, just like dating, when you make a large decision, you put a lot of time and effort into choosing what you want. This same line of thinking should be applied when you are ready for an upgrade or replacement system on anything with a hefty price tag. Switching ERP software providers is no small matter. Many are resistant to change due to budgets and financial restrictions, implementation time, weeks or even months of training, as well as day-to-day daily changes that may need to take place.
So, just like letting go of a Significant Other that’s no longer serving you, how do you know when you’ve reached the point where making a change is worth it? When have you had enough? Here are some red flag warning signs to look for that will let you know when your ERP software or partner needs to be replaced!

  1. Just like dating…. DON’T SETTLE! Vendor Support should NOT be lacking or non-existent. It’s not too much to expect that when you have a critical issue, someone is there to assist. For an investment as large as an ERP, you certainly are paying enough for a functioning system. Don’t settle for less.
  2. Your business is growing too quickly aka your relationship is progressing WAY too fast for them to handle. Perhaps your business is scaling up quickly and the smaller vendor you chose a couple years ago, when you had  fewer employees and less revenue coming in, can’t keep pace. A lot of smaller platforms will eventually combust and quit on you, causing YOU, Mr./Ms. CFO or CIO, to be the blame. If you are outgrowing your partner, and climbing up the ladder, you know you can do better, so it’s time to let them go.
  3. When your provider doesn’t have your best interest at heart aka IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU! Nothing is worse than dealing with an egotistic vendor that only suggests enhancements that help them hit their numbers. If your provider is solely focusing more on themselves and they aren’t focused on you, it’s time to let them go. No one needs a self-centered partner. We care about your business growing, not our checking account.
  4. Declining attention or user experience aka BE NEEDY FOR MORE ATTENTION. The first major sign you need a new ERP system is when your employees aren’t efficiently using your ERP software, eliminate important steps, or manually edit work that should be automated, because it’s easier than using the ERP system you have installed. If you aren’t happy with how your boyfriend is treating you, and it is easier to live your life without them, wouldn’t you breakup?

If it’s time to let go of your ERP software provider, you’ll likely notice more than one of these red flags. Your provider should be dedicated to supporting your business needs, providing on-time (local) support, and maintaining a cutting-edge platform. They shouldn’t be causing sleepless nights, aching/headaches, anxiety, or issues on the job.

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