Cinco Reasons CRM Implementations Fail

As millions of North Americans gear up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder why so many people LOVE this holiday. For me, I love a good margarita from a good ‘ole Dallas spot like Mi Cocina since I don’t treat myself to one very often. A few people (I assume)
love the history behind the holiday, as well as an excuse to be outside with family and friends. But for dozens of CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and VP of Sales around town, many love this holiday as it is an excuse to drink frustrations away if you are 21+. One of the many reasons C-Level employees are frustrated with their Monday thru Friday 8-5 is because of their Customer Relationship Management software and all the “ay caramba’ associated with how it was implemented.  


Do you wish you had a shot of tequila to numb the pain from your CRM Implementation? Start slicing the lime and getting the salt ready, these are just five reasons many CRM Implementations WILL fail.


1. Executive Buy-In Isn’t 100% On Board

If you want your CRM system to have its best success, everyone involved with the process needs to be on board and on the same page. While your sales and marketing departments may be able to easily grasp the value of a CRM, the advantages might not be as obvious to other departments. It’s not enough for the C-Suite planners to agree to try out a CRM, they need to be 100% behind it all the way. If the entire group understands why Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM will bring value to a company, the more invested everyone will be.


2. Hating Trial and Error

Your CRM software works because it provides insight into the customer data you collect, and the journey to the perfect CRM is a long and stressful one because CRM solutions don’t just work out of the box. CRM implementations fail all the time, but failure is preventable with the right mindset and approach. CRM implementations require a collaborative team, vision, strategy, and a universal commitment to be successful.


3. So So So Complicated

In many organizations, the people who use the CRM system the most are not technical people. Many of them are in sales, and just don’t get the ‘lingo’ a CIO or IT Manager would throw around. If you choose a program that your users don’t find easy or simple to use, trust us, they’ll find ways
to avoid it and barely use it. Because of this implementation fail, you, as a business owner, will lose important data and your business will suffer.


4. Business and IT Don’t Work Together

Every department in your company plays a vital role in the overall success of the business, not just the CEO. At the same time, these departments also have their own priorities, considerations, and ideas about how to tackle any given problem. When a project comes along that crosses through multiple departments — like a new CRM — one of the biggest hurdles to success is often getting these teams on the same page to reach a mutually beneficial solution. Teams tend to forget the a CRM system is a technology solution for a business problem, and This often often means breaking down departmental barriers to reach that solution. Your business teams (CEO, Vp of Sales, CMO, CFO) and tech teams (CIO, IT Manager) may need to work together in new ways to make sure that everyone is getting the most from CRM software.


5. Decent Training is Hard to Find

In order to conduct a quick implementation, organizations ignore proper training for users. Companies also forget that going directly to a software vendor has it own downfalls; they sell you the software, but don’t focus their time on training and client support. That is where using a local VAR like Altruas has its perks as we can be utilized for employee training at a moment’s
notice. Because companies tend to skip out on decent training, CRM success fails. Let your employees preview and explore the system before formal training. Training should also be one-to-one, in person, and planned. A virtual training can raise many questions and doubts and that don’t answer your real-life business questions on the spot.



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