Intacct Enhances Department Collaboration with Intacct Collaborate

Intacct CollaborateOne of Intacct’s longest running partnership has bloomed into something more. The latest announcement, Intacct Collaborate, has built a new way for organizations to communicate and innovate through a secure and efficient addition to the Intacct Financial Management Backbone.

The partnership, Intacct Collaborate, combines the secure and data driven financial management platform Intacct and the enabler of the social enterprise Salesforce Chatter to deliver a better way for Finance, Sales, and Services teams to streamline communications and speed work execution.

Breaking Down Departmental Walls

Intacct Collaborate embeds Salesforce Chatter, the leading enterprise social network, into Intacct to create a secure social layer across all finance processes and across devices through the Salesforce1 Mobile App. For Finance, Sales, and Services employees, this means they can now work collaboratively to keep processes efficient even in the face of snags due to requested exceptions, ambiguous data, or changing policies.

The addition of Salesforce Chatter inside Intacct will facilitate greater collaboration, expedite decision making, and ultimately accelerate business processes – making companies more competitive.

Speeding up the Social Organization

Traditional financial systems force users into email in order to clarify the status of processes, to discuss and resolve exceptions to standard policies, or to interpret and discuss trends in performance metrics.

Cut Email Overload

Using email for collaboration introduces unnecessary friction by making employees swap back and forth between applications and by increasing the risk that important process issues are neglected due to email overload.

Communication within the Application

Instead of spawning separate and external email threads, employees can conduct conversations right inside Intacct’s cloud financial management application, directly on specific records such as journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices, purchase requisitions, and more.

Modern Collaboration

To modernize collaboration within finance and across departments, Intacct Collaborate:

  • Is built on Salesforce Chatter, the leading enterprise social network
  • Delivers collaboration across applications (Intacct and Salesforce Sales Cloud) and across devices through the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Helps employees move quickly from discussion to action
  • Gives employees the complete picture as they converse, with in-context communication
  • Captures dialogue and decisions, for later reference, within the systems of record

The video below shows an introduction to Intacct Collaborate:


We’ve already explained how Intacct is an enterprise-level financial application for businesses of all sizes, but this adds to the usability for any organization. Consider the benefits available to any organization:

  • Collaboration between finance, sales, purchasing, and more.
  • In-Context communication: View requests in the application, minimizing explanatory communication.
  • Close deals faster
  • Increase productivity
  • Complete all of these through a secure in-app experience

This is just another testament to the innovation that Intacct has offered to businesses. From Performance Cards to Subscription Simplicity, Intacct has been solving financial problems that organizations didn’t even know they had—without the bloated budget.

Other financial management and suite-style applications try to position themselves as the scalable option for your business, but Intacct is the one that has proven repeatedly its value to organizations of all sizes.

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