Drive Growth through Automation with Sage Intacct

Drive Automation With Sage Intacct

Is it time to make the switch from QuickBooks? Sage Intacct puts the technology of a best-in-class cloud financial management system to work in your business, ensuring finance becomes a partner in driving organizational growth. QuickBooks, on the other hand, can make finance a bottleneck to growth and lead to costly mistakes. One former QuickBooks user reported that errors caused by manual processes and lack of control resulted in $180,000 of improper expense reimbursements within a six-month period.

Productivity, multiplied

Sage Intacct automates everyday processes, giving your finance team the time to be strategic partners for growth. You stay in control through configuration and approvals, while focusing on the things you do best.

Recurring invoices and bills

Take, for example, invoices and bills you produce each week, month, or quarter for the same amounts for the same customers and vendors. Sage Intacct allows you to set up recurring templates and schedules for those invoices and bills. The transactions run on their own, according to the schedule you set. Posted transactions become part of your regular workflow.

Better billing

If you run a services or subscription company, you may find that billing customers takes a great deal of your time. You may also be piling up contracts or spreadsheets outside your system of record. Keeping track of complex billing arrangements with customers or spending long days at the end of a period entering billing information can take its toll on your finance team.

Billing with Sage Intacct allows you to capture complex arrangements in templates. You can then select those templates during billing to speed up the process. If you’re billing a subscription, you can set up automated billing over the life of the subscription. Sage Intacct even handles complex methods like usage-based billing or base-fee plus usage.

Revenue recognition

Revenue recognition done through a combination of spreadsheets and journal entries can quickly outpace the finance team in a growing organization. Sage Intacct takes the toil out of revenue recognition by associating a revenue recognition period with an item in a transaction. The system automatically defers revenue for the item and initiates a recognition schedule you’ve associated with the template. You have no more spreadsheets or manual journal entries to deal with. And best of all, an audit trail keeps track of everything.

Prompt payments

Staying on top of payment approvals, cutting checks, or scouring corporate card statements for improper charges can quickly bury accounting staff in busy work. Sage Intacct automates much of the work while keeping you in control. Approvals are built in, so rather than chasing down managers to get payments approved, they receive automatic emails about approvals. They can even approve payments from their smartphone or tablet.

Get the advantage of automation with Sage Intacct and Altruas

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