Financial Reporting and Analytics For Project-Based Businesses – Webcast

Financial Reporting For Intacct BusinessesIf you are a project based business, you know how important it is to keep up with billable hours, project costing, and revenue streams.  Shouldn’t your accounting software be a source of assistance, not hindrance?  If you are still using Excel for financial management, you are setting yourself behind and causing yourself more headache each week, quarter, and year.

Gain Insight through Intacct: Analytics and Financial Reporting For Project Based Services

Without real-time financial visibility and analytics, project-based businesses cannot effectively manage project costs, revenues, and overall performance.

Join Intacct for the webinar “Financial Reporting and Analytics for Project-based Businesses,” and learn how combining project data with financial information ensures project profitability and financial success.

You’ll see how Intacct provides a single source of truth for all project information and a live demonstration of how Intacct helps organizations like yours:

  • Gain complete visibility into project data, true project profitability, and performance.
  • Monitor project metrics and KPIs through real-time dashboards, accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Eliminate manual, Excel-based reporting processes that cannot scale with your business.
  • Gain insight into successful projects and apply that knowledge to future engagements to increase overall financial performance.

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Intacct for Project-Based Services

Intacct Project Accounting helps services companies and businesses with embedded services organizations maximize performance and profitability. Built on Intacct’s strong financial management core, Intacct Project Accounting ensures total transparency and visibility into your entire business, from managing the successful execution of projects all the way through to financial accountability. Streamline and automate the capture of all billable and non-billable time and expenses, reduce revenue leakage, maximize billable hours, gain control over current project costs and margins and forecast more accurately for future projects.

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And with simple and easy to use project management automation, your service delivery team can proactively manage people, project tasks and costs to deliver client value on time and within budget.

Again, you can register for “Financial Reporting and Analytics for Project-based Businesses,” by clicking the link here.

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