Adios Excel! It is Time for a Grown-Up ERP

I am no business owner, but I assume if you are starting your own business, you want an accounting system that is as easy to use as possible. Everyone and their mother (for the most part) understands how to use excel. And with the gift of YouTube at our disposal, you can learn basic excel such as addition, subtraction, etc….


At some point in time, it is time to grow up and step into a ‘grown-up’ ERP. Sadly, Excel ain’t going to get you to where you need to be. If you are currently doing all of your budgeting & planning in Excel, don’t be surprised, you’re not alone. You would be startled to find out that many companies with 50+ employees use it to budget and plan. But, at a certain point, you start to outgrow Excel and could be missing out on the benefits that a budgeting and planning solution can provide. A scalable grown-up ERP allows you to streamline and strategize your planning and processes. Hearing the quotes below from you or your colleagues are signs that you might be outgrowing Excel.


Red Flag Adios Excel Headaches :


1. “I just pulled an all-nighter the 5th time this month”
Life is too short to be this miserable and sleep so little. If you are staying up late, it should be over happy memories with loved ones, not your job. Managing budgets in Excel requires mundane work—downloading CSVs, cutting and pasting, rolling data up, updating formulas and links, sending out files, and more. If you’re consumed with these activities, or worse, having to spend your nights and weekends to manage plans and budgets, an easy-to-use budgeting and planning solution like ERP can streamline the process and help you get your life back! Even from a UX perspective, it is so so so much more streamlined and easier to use a sophisticated ERP.


2. “Joe is the only one who understands the model”
When you’ve got complex forecasting and what-if models and only one person in your company knows how it works, you’re exposing yourself to risk if that person moves on. What is the cost to have someone new diagnose, understand, and update the models if he leaves? You can ensure that with a mature ERP that is best of breed that it ain’t going away. If you are in finance and accounting, you are at least proficient with Sage Intacct, Microsoft GP, or event NetSuite. People are trained for years and are familiar with these software systems, and even if Joe leaves, you know how to use these platforms vs. Joe’s code.


3. “Oops, sorry, that’s a formula error”
We’ve all been there. You thought you double-checked everything, but you got that last-minute change and forgot to update the link in your formula before the presentation to management or —god forbid—the board. Your business is depending on you to get the numbers right. That is your sole job, and errors reduce any team members confidence in you and could lead to misguided decisions if not caught. With a budgeting and planning solution like Sage Intacct, you can easily calculate metrics like cash flow without spreadsheet errors.


4. “Oh @#$%!, did I just send the one with Bob’s salary info?”
Budgets usually include sensitive data such as salary info. That is just one tiny bit of sensitive information that can exposed when looking at budgets. Keeping or sending sensitive files around via email creates a jeopardy that the information could be seen by unauthorized employees or people outside of your organization. A best-of-breed ERP protects all of that sensitive information and protects you and your staff of the risks of having unapproved access. Don’t let all your employees accidentally see what Bob is making; just imagine the @#%! storm that would cause!


6. “When did you send it out? I can’t find it”
Using Excel and email to send out spreadsheets means digging through email to find budgets. It makes you the go-to person for even the smallest things, and not everyone likes to create Rules in Outlook for create files for organizing their emails. With a budgeting and planning solution, everyone has one place to go to find their data. You can easily invite department heads to enter and update their own plans, budgets, forecasts and scenarios, and better yet, not have them mess up or lose your data. Bye bye unorganized email searches!


Instead of saying “Oh @#$%!”, say “Adios Excel” and get your business up to speed with a grown-up ERP! As a trusted Sage Intacct partner, we provide custom integration, implementation, training and support for the entire Sage Intacct suite. For more information on Sage Intacct, contact us at or go to this link here:

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