Just Like Dating, Your CRM Needs to Check All the Boxes!

Who is this adorable cutie you are interested in? Where do they reside? Do they work downtown or in the Plano, Texas? Does he have any siblings?


When you are asking your friends about who they are dating, they obviously need to check all of their boxes of happiness and be compatible for your friend.


Again, just like dating, finding out which Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is the right one for you and your business begins before you even call us or start looking for a provider. It actually starts with figuring out your Priority Check List of ‘deal breakers’ for what you are looking for long-term. This checklist makes sure you are ready to go when you do pull the trigger and meet with a provider.  


Like a strapping young fella, not all CRMs are the same! We all have our tastes, right? I personally prefer brunettes, but many like blondes! Each provider is entirely different, and some will do more of what you need your CRM to do and cater more to your business and industry.  Below are a few of my ‘priorities’ that I ALWAYS make sure to cover with a prospective new client.


Priority CRM Checklist

How many users will need access to this CRM? Ask how many people will need to use this CRM daily. Some companies put a department list together and list out particular titles or individuals that need access.


What are your current pain points? These are usually the ‘why are we loosing revenue’ type questions.


How do you plan on solving these pain points through CRM? Is it organization? Transparency? Automation?


What does your reporting look like? Tell us who needs access and how often you will need this reporting.


Do you need to integrate your CRM with email? Syncing emails with your CRM is A+ to us! Let us know if you prefer to keep a full history of all of your emails and integrate them literally with a click of a button.


Does accounting need to have access to the CRM? Some companies like merging their finance department with their sales department. It is all a preference, but CRM’s usually help streamline invoices and billing.


Who do you not want to have access? Think about who you want seeing, accessing, editing, and deleting information from your CRM.


If it’s time to get a new CRM, give us a call today at 844-TX-CLOUD or email info@altruas.com. We guarantee we will check all your boxes!

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