Don’t Feel Snowed In By Your Current ERP System

Changing to Sage Intacct will help you find a clear path out.

Outgrowing ERP System

If your company is large enough to need sophisticated applications like finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, and CRM, but they’re not working together, you probably feel like the folks in New Hampshire have been feeling recently. Every department is working with a similar group of products and customers, but each has its own computer systems and software – and they’re not speaking to each other. You’re working so hard, but there’s no solution in sight.

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Give Yourself the Gift of Time, Mobility, Flexibility: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Benefits

Include yourself on your Christmas list. Move your accounting operations to the web, and 2013 can be a more productive – maybe even more profitable – year.

In all of the rush to get presents wrapped, cards sent, carols sung and gatherings attended, you probably aren’t thinking much about what you might get for Christmas. Instead of a tie or a bottle of perfume, maybe the best present would be one that you choose for yourself, something that would have lasting value -- not only for you, but also for your staff, your customers and vendors, and the overall health of your business.

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Worried About Data Security in The Cloud?

Don’t be. Sage Intacct’s cloud-based accounting solution is so safe that its backups have backups. And it offers something you don’t often see from data security systems: a guarantee.

If you’ve ever done any of your financial tasks over the internet – transaction downloads or online bill-pay or web-based tax preparation – you may remember that feeling you had the first time you dispatched sensitive data onto distant servers.

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4 Signs You Need to Upgrade from QuickBooks

Signs You Need to Upgrade From QuickBooks

Are you trying to make QuickBooks work for you even though you’re outgrowing it? Here’s how to know when to let go.

You use QuickBooks because it’s the best there is for small businesses. You could customize reports and receive partial payment on invoices in your sleep, and you mastered the art of keeping inventory in balance a long time ago.

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Intacct Personifies Cloud-Based Accounting

We’re still in the early stages of cloud-based accounting, but one company has the concept and its execution nailed: Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

You’ve undoubtedly worked with financial information in the cloud. Maybe your company uses online banking, has a merchant account or subscribes to a QuickBooks add-on like Method.

These are all cloud-based solutions – services that exist on remote servers instead of your desktop. That’s the first requirement. They’re capable of integrating with compatible applications. That’s the second.

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