One Size Fits All vs Best of Breed

When you try on a one size fits all pair of pants and they don’t fit, do you say to yourself “I thought this top fit everyone?” Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” approach to buying

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It’s An ERP Match!

Congrats! On the biggest day of love, also known as Valentine’s Day, it looks like it is your Chief Financial Officer’s lucky day. Your CFO matched with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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10 Risks of Using a Traditional Financial Management System

Risks of Using a Traditional Financial System

An article from Intacct called, Traditional Financial Systems: A Long, Winding Road to Nowhere, shared 10 risks or problems associated with using a traditional financial system.

Traditional financial systems typically lack the analytic functionality to support the intelligence needs and speed of business most companies operate. The lack of real-time information hinders management’s ability to apply their knowledge and leadership to its fullest extent, and stunts employee contribution.

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