Surviving (and Thriving) in the Wake of a Cloud Horror Story

Surviving Cloud NightmareIt’s a scary fact, but some cloud applications do not meet the needs of growing businesses.  Be it a compliance issue, a security issue, or even poor planning that leaves a cloud provider declaring bankruptcy; there can be issues for which your business must be prepared before signing a Service-Level Agreement.

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Is Your Software Enterprise-Ready?

Skyhigh Enterprise ReadyWhen selecting a cloud vendor, there are many questions that you need to ask.  Is the cloud scalable, secure, and able to handle the critical business applications needed for long term business growth? The experts at Skyhigh were thinking this exact thing when they introduced their CloudTrust Program.  What is CloudTrust? What does it mean to choose an ‘Enterprise-Ready’ Solution? How can this ranking help your business to improve decisions and ensure security in the cloud?

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What Your Business Needs to Know about Cloud Security

What You Need To Know About Cloud SecurityWhen your business looks to store data on the cloud, use cloud applications to improve processes, or subscribe to one of the many cloud solutions available for your company; there are certain things you need to know.  Altruas, a leading provider of cloud insight and cloud services, would like to share information and questions you need to ask before storing data on the cloud.

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Worried About Data Security in The Cloud?

Don’t be. Sage Intacct’s cloud-based accounting solution is so safe that its backups have backups. And it offers something you don’t often see from data security systems: a guarantee.

If you’ve ever done any of your financial tasks over the internet – transaction downloads or online bill-pay or web-based tax preparation – you may remember that feeling you had the first time you dispatched sensitive data onto distant servers.

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