Gartner Analyst Finds that 95% of Private Clouds Are Failing

We’ve talked about it before, we’ll talk about it again. Companies are passing up the private cloud for their hybrid or public cloud counterparts. Why? There are a plethora of reasons, including inefficiency, misguided focuses, and poor planning.


Companies vested heavily in selling private cloud products will stretch the truth to convince buyers to side with them, securing sales with baseless arguments.


So, we again would like to share with you more Gartner research to follow up their article about the ten reasons companies fail in the private cloud, conveniently listed below:

  1. Too much Focus in Operational Benefits
  2. Setting the Wrong Expectations
  3. Trying to Protect IT’s ‘turf’
  4. Doing too Little
  5. Overdoing Private Cloud
  6. Focusing too Strictly on Infrastructure
  7. Forgetting to Shift the Operational Model
  8. Forgetting the People within Your Organization
  9. Failure to Change Funding Model
  10. Using the Wrong Technology

Gartner analyst Tom Bittman took his reasoning one step further, interviewing Gartner Datacenter Conference attendees with a simple question: “What is going wrong with your private cloud?


Surprising to even the analyst himself, 95% of respondents saw something was wrong in private cloud.


The major reason? Companies failed to change their operational model. With 31% of respondents seeing this as the reason, the problem lies in the people. Agile clouds need agile processes — and people are your biggest supporters, or your biggest roadblocks.


In the image below, we share what is really going wrong with companies using private clouds.

Gartner Private Cloud Research

As you can see, with these factors causing CIOs to lose sleep each night, companies are choosing other methods for storage, CRM, and accounting.


Altruas, as a provider of Public Cloud Financial Management Software Sage Intacct, is pleased to share more information on the short life of private clouds, and welcomes you to join us in debunking other public cloud myths as they arise.