Best-in-Class Meets Best-in-Class in the Intacct Marketplace

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Altruas Blogs

Best in Class meets Best in ClassWorks well with others. A cliché in the human resources world, it is a must when you choose an accounting solution that prides itself on being best-in-class. If you choose a best-in-class solution to manage your finances, you sit at two ends of the spectrum.

  • Ridding yourself of inch wide and mile deep suites that require expensive customizations to even work together.
  • An opportunity to choose from other software that exceeds your needs, and integrates with this best-in-class solution.

As the saying goes, “Good things come in pairs,” and Intacct believes in presenting compatible, best-in-class products to create complementary solutions for our customers. Working with industry partners allows Intacct to deliver new possibilities and leverage unique features.

The Intacct Marketplace, although nothing new, allows you to find the exact integration your business needs to get the job done.

Plus, it’s all in one place. You have chosen Intacct, or are considering the software to improve visibility and flexibility while automating menial, manual tasks. Now, Intacct’s updated marketplace allows you to browse integrations for anything from Point of Sale to Supply Chain Management without visiting hundreds of potential providers.

So why should you care? Why shouldn’t you care? This marketplace makes it easy to find an integration that is

  • Guaranteed to work, even with software updates
  • The best of the best in its respective market
  • Guaranteed safe by Intacct

Why are we telling you about this? Intacct works well with others, and Altruas works well with Intacct. We are the solution to find your financial management solution.

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