Situation A publicly traded property and casualty insurance agency, that offers franchise opportunities across the US   Client wanted to expand Intacct functionality to include advanced contract and revenue management modules  The existing custom developed finance integration was written by a single developer that was no longer with the organization, limiting ability for changes and modifications   Legacy integration between Salesforce and Intacct that … Read more

Situation The company has been on a steady growth path introducing a new medical device and treatments to the aesthetic market The company’s current systems were separate, the marketing, the outside sales, inside sales, service and account management teams all used different non-integrated systems We worked with the client to create a SalesForce design that … Read more

Situation The client accepts over $1 billion per year in credit card transactions without the use of a point of sale Storing end-user credit cards requires strict adherence with PCI DSS standards and an abundance of testing The client partnered with a large international bank’s payment technology to provide a high performance back-end payment platform and the … Read more

Situation Company had acquired numerous smaller entities over the years and hadn’t optimized their sales processes and staff Manual process of inputting sales orders; sales representatives would email, or call in the order and schools would fax in orders Inaccurate orders due to mistyping or not hearing requirements correctly, or illegible handwriting from the fax … Read more

Situation The client sought to replace one of their two primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems The system being replaced, at 10 years old, had reached its end of life and it was not meeting the needs of a growing business Having been in business for almost 90 years, the client had irreplaceable historical data … Read more